Board Policy

We work hand-in-hand with the board and administration to develop a policy manual that meets your district’s individual needs.

Board Policy impacts every aspect of a school district’s operations. Boards of education control the day-to-day business of running schools through the adoption of Board Policy. Superintendents are charged with implementing and enforcing Board Policies, Treasurers are bound to conform the district’s finances to Board Policy, and students, parents, and employees rely upon Board Policy for information about their rights and obligations as members of the school community.

The fundamental importance of Board Policy makes it crucial that it reflect the unique needs and realities of life in your district. A cookie-cutter approach will not do. It’s also important that districts not be tied down by needlessly complex processes and procedures that have been enshrined in outdated Board Policies. Finally, it’s vital that districts understand how changes in state and federal law shape Board Policy.

Pepple & Waggoner provides for these needs by offering a full spectrum of Board Policy services. From guidance about policy interpretation, to revising existing policies, to drafting and creating an entirely new Board Policy manual, we can help your district at any step along the way. Further, we can maintain and host your district’s Board Policy manual online, and provide continuous updates as new and revised policies are adopted. Finally, we can provide regular correspondence to the district regarding recommended revisions to Board Policy in response to changes in the law.

Ask to speak with attorney Dan Lautar today about how Pepple & Waggoner’s Board Policy service can help your district.

Board Policy Features

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