About Us

For over three decades, Pepple & Waggoner has been committed to proactively helping school districts avoid legal issues and respond quickly when legal issues cannot be avoided. If difficult situations cannot be neutralized in advance through planning and strategy, our firm has the resources and legal infrastructure to swiftly respond to any problem your school district might face.

Delivering Value

The firm was founded in 1989 by William Pepple and Glenn Waggoner, who built the firm on the belief that good legal work and a high ethical standard go hand-in-hand.

Our philosophy is simple – be proactive to help school districts avoid legal issues, and be responsive when legal issues cannot be avoided. When districts face tough legal challenges, the attorneys at Pepple & Waggoner have the experience and team approach to swiftly respond to any problem a school district might encounter. The firm’s service philosophy has allowed for the growth and expansion of the firm over 30 years, which includes offices in Cleveland and Cincinnati. Our continuing mission is to empower Ohio’s boards of education with effective legal counsel to make quality choices for children. The firm’s attorneys are passionate about strengthening fiscally responsible school districts to ensure that the children of their communities receive the exceptional education they deserve. They do this by delivering value every day through rapid responses to client needs, clear communication, patient understanding, and the exercise of experience-based judgment.

Pepple & Waggoner’s team of hard working lawyers proudly serves Ohio’s boards of education in delivering the best possible education to their communities.